ph of lemon juice

Lemon juice, as well as ferments of dried apricots, plums, apples and cranberry (sour ones),  have to convert properties.

It means that during the digestion process, they become strong alkalinizing products. Although citrus fruits have a sour taste, their effect on the body is alkalinizing.

Lemon juice and acid-base balance of body

what is the ph value of lemon juice

Lemon is a sour product, but its pH is not alkalinizing (lemon pH is 2,2 – 2,4), however, when it gets into the body under certain conditions caused by complicated biochemical reactions, regarding the citric acid cycle (Krebs cycle), pH balance of body gets closer to alkalinizing. The pH raises to 3-9 pH.

The cycle of transformation of lemon acid in cells was discovered and studies by German biochemist Hans Krebs who received the Noble prize in 1953 together with F. Lipman for the research.

Alkalinizing products are crucial for retaining oxygen in the blood and maintaining normal pH level. These criteria are important for self-healing, metabolism of nutrients and maintenance of the normal immune system.

  1. Beauty

A glass of hot water with lemon drank in the morning helps to stimulate the digestive system, get rid of extra weight, and improve facial complexion. It boosts liver functioning, which in its turn, boosts digestion. When you drink lemon water, excessive urination is stimulated, which helps to remove toxins and waste. Besides, this is a good remedy against constipation and heartburn.

  1. Health

Otto Warburg spent 24 years to prove that cancer cells do not multiply in the oxygen-rich environment with pH 7,43 and higher (low alkalescent environment). In 1932, he got the Noble prize in chemistry for that. Later, his books helped to prove that parasites, viruses, bacteria, and fungus do not develop in such an environment.