lemon juice on face

Thanks to acids, lemon juice has a mild bleaching effect. It helps to whiten freckles and pigment spots without affecting the skin. Lemon juice dries fatty skin and disinfects it. Due to vitamins, the juice nourishes skin and adds tonus.

Recipes for skin bleaching

using lemon to bleach skin

The easiest way to whiten and cleanse skin is rubbing the skin with lemon juice. Do it twice a day.
Besides, washing with a lemon can narrow skin pores and decrease the number of acne spots.
If you want to diminish the dark circles around eyes, apply cotton discs soaked in lemon juice under the lower eyelids for 10 minutes. Be careful not to let the lemon juice get into the eyes.

Lemon juice on face against wrinkles

lemon juice for wrinkles under eyes

Vitamin C helps our cells to produce collagen; therefore, lemon juice is a nice remedy against wrinkles.
Mix 200 ml of milk and 150 ml of fat cream heat it up on the stove but don’t let it boil. Now cut a half of a lemon into pieces and leave it in the mixture for a few hours. This remedy is suitable for everyday use on mornings and evenings – just use it to rub your face, and the results won’t take long to notice.

Lemon scrub for face

Lemon scrub for face

Thanks to its specific chemical properties, the lemon acid removes dead and fights acne. To prepare home-made scrub, mix two tablespoons of lemon juice, one tablespoon of sugar powder, and one tablespoon of olive oil. Apply it on your face by making round massaging motions and cleanse with cold water right away.

Such peeling accelerates the growth of new cells, and the skin looks younger after the procedure. Pro tip: don’t do such peeling more often than once a week.

When applied on skin, such scrub can cause mild irritation or feeling of burning, but it will pass in a few minutes. Individuals with very sensitive skin are recommended to dilute lemon juice in a higher amount of water. People with dry skin can add honey to the mixture, while those with fat skin can wipe face with a mixture of lemon and cucumber juices.

Thus, lemon juice is a tried and proved a natural remedy for facial skin care. When it’s used regularly, dark and pigment spots and acne diminish. Skin complexion and elasticity improve.
When you use the mixture, apply sunscreen cream before going out – the skin becomes sensitive to UV rays.