lemon juice for kidney stones

According to the results obtained during the experiment led by Roger L Sur o fUniversity of California, SanDiego, intake of natural beverages based on lemons can help people to get rid of kidney stones. Scientists recommend using lemon juice in the form of classic lemonade without carbon dioxide.

Positive effect can be reached if a person drinks 100-110 ml of lemon juice diluted by 2 liters of pure water. Urologists claim that such beverage decreases the risk of oxalate calculus (stones of oxalic and other acids that are most frequently met in urologic practice) in kidneys.

Healing properties of lemon juice are conditioned by a high content of citrates, and salts of lemon acid. Citrates stop development of stones in kidneys. Lemon acid salts are also contained in other citrus juices – orange, tangerine, etc.

“Regular drinking of lemonade is one of five methods of kidney disease prevention. Besides, it’s useful to drink more liquids (not more than 2 liters in a day, including soups), reduce the amount of salt consumption and case taking calcium and protein products – kidneys react negatively on it. The more protein you take, the more work kidneys have to do,” – says Roger Sur, the head of Urology center.

Patients who drink natural lemonade on a daily basis have a reduced level of kidney stone formation – it has lowered from 1,00 to 0,13 stones in every patient.

Here’s the recipe: add 100 grams of lemon juice to 2 liters of water; this lemonade should be drunk during a day. Such beverage is drunk during at least one month.

In healthy people, pH of urine stays on the level of 6,2-6,8, and raising of acidity can lead to formation of phosphates. Lemon juice contains essential oils and lemon acid salts that prevent kidney stone disease.  Lemon acid alkalizes urine, due to which concretions dissolve.

If kidney stones contain phosphates and oxalates, a person shouldn’t perform treatment with lemon juice on his or her own. Only a doctor should prescribe the proper way of treatment after performing examination and tests.