lemon juice in hair for dandruff

Thanks to a high amount of Vitamin C, lemon has a beneficial effect on the skin. It provides cells with oxygen and nutrients, normalized pH level. Besides, it helps to remove dirt, fat, and remains of cleansing products from skin improving the restoration of skin tissues. It slightly dries the skin and stabilizes fat production. Besides, lemon has antibacterial properties, but if dandruff was caused by a fungus, citrus products can only slow down its development, but not kill the organisms.

To fight dandruff, use fresh lemon juice. It can be applied in a few different ways: rubbed into hair skin, mixed with other components to make masks, or used to prepare a brew. Lemon is efficient only to fight dandruff caused by fat.

If you have a fat head skin, cut the fruit in halves and massage the scalp with a half during 15 minutes. After that, wash your head in warm water. You will notice positive results after a week of daily use. If your skin is dry, get lemon juice and dilute it with water in 1:1 ratio. The mixture is rubbed into scalp and left for 20 minutes, then washed away. This procedure is done twice a week for 30 days.