Lemon Juice Cleansing Diet

Lemonade diet consists of four key components – fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and pure water. It’s suitable for getting rid of extra pounds and toxins.

A few days before detox, you should stick to the following diet:

  • 3 days before the diet, don’t eat meat and semi-processed foods replace them with fresh fruit and vegetables;
  • 2 days before the diet, start eating liquid foods (fruit and vegetable juices, broil).

One day before detox, drink fresh orange juice (2 liters). If you cannot spend a day without eating food, eat fresh vegetables.

Aerobic activity and walking will help to burn fat and improve digestion. However, weight training isn’t recommended because you won’t get enough nutrients for muscle protein.

Detox Days

lemon juice detox

Start your morning with a glass of salty water.

Drink only lemonade, water, and green tea during the entire day. It’s important to drink 6-12 glasses of lemonade per day to get energy.

Before sleep, drink tea with a laxative effect.

How does this diet work?

how to make lemon detox juice

According to Burroughs-Glickman theory, our body generates fat deposits to neutralize toxins, and lemon diet triggers their release from the body. Lemon reduces the acidity of blood and stomach juice, cleanses inner organs and relieves swelling. Cayenne pepper boosts metabolism. Maple syrup supplies the minimal amount of calories and microelements, especially, calcium and magnesium. Maple syrup has less sugar than honey and a low amount of fructose.

Saltwater in the morning and tea in the evening accelerate the removal of toxins. You start losing weight, have better skin and well-being.

However, it’s better to stay at home in the mornings when you’re going through the detox program. You don’t know how your intestine will react on it.

Reaching the result

Detox program shouldn’t take more than 3-5 days. Such a diet is pretty harsh. Most diet specialists and doctors are against such diet because six glasses of lemonade contain only 650 calories – it’s much less than the daily norm of 1,600 calories for women and 2,400 calories for men.

Of course, you will lose weight! Weight loss will be very quick, but if you don’t drink water, it will only happen due to dehydration. Besides, the half of lost weight will get back right when you cease drinking lemonade. Therefore, 3-5 days after the diet, eat the same things you did 3-5 days before, but in reverse order (orange juice – broil and juices – fresh vegetables and fruit).

Remember that the primary aim of lemon juice cleansing diet is a spare cleansing of the body, and, as the result, loss of extra weight. Do not use a detox program as a weight loss diet only.

Master Cleanse diet will enrich body with antioxidants, remove extra salts and sugar, trans fats, and preservatives since you refuse from fast food and semi-processed foods. Lemon juice and cayenne pepper boost metabolism (research of Canadians from Laval University).

Recipe of Master Cleanser one-day lemonade

recipe for the master cleanser

You will need 14 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice (3 lemons or limes), 14 tablespoons of maple syrup, 1/2 tablespoon of dry cayenne pepper, 2 liters of non-sparkling water of room temperature.

Take 7 tablespoons of juice and add it to the jar with 1 liter of water. Add 7 tablespoons of maple syrup and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Mix it up and drink in small sips when you feel hungry. When the last portion ends, prepare the second portion.

Energetic value: 2 tablespoons of syrup – 100 calories, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice – 8 calories, a pinch of pepper – 1 calorie. Thus, a glass of beverage has 109 calories.

How to prepare salty water

1–2 tablespoons of sea salt (not iodized), 900 ml of pure non-sparkling water (4 glasses).

Dilute sea salt in water and drink it in small sips.

Please, remember, that if you give your body the rest from harmful foods, it will waste power to self-cleanse. However, such rest shouldn’t take more than 3 days, otherwise, you’ll suffer from a headache, irritability, hunger, and fatigue.