Healing properties of lemon juice and honey

Together, lemon juice and honey have the following properties:

  • prevention of fatigue and anemia;
  • treatment of cold, flu, Barlow disease, and rheumatism thanks to Vitamin C;
  • improving body resistance against viruses, infections, and bacteria;
  • cleaning of the upper respiratory system from expectoration during coughing;
  • improvement of blood formula;
  • stabilization of metabolism, which is conditioned by vitamins B and A contained in both products;
  • cleansing of blood vessels from cholesterol and toxic components (that’s why the mixture is recommended to people with atherosclerosis and nephrolithiasis);
  • strengthening of vessels and dilution of blood clots, which helps to prevent varicose veins and thrombophlebitis;
  • disinfection of oral cavity;
  • strengthening of the nervous system, help with irritability and insomnia;
  • prevention of cancer cell development;
  • maintenance of a slim body;
  • reduction of hair fall and strengthening of nails;
  • improvement of well-being and mood.

Classic recipe

Lemon juice and honey

To prepare the mixture, you’ll need 1 kilogram of lemons and 0.5 kg of honey. It’s better to use the whole fruits, not only the juice – this way, you’ll get more vitamins.

Citrus fruit should be washed in tap water, and the skin should be poured with boiling water – it will also be used for the remedy.

Cut the fruit into pieces, or mince them. Remove the remains of pips from the mash, because they have a bitter taste.

After that, honey and lemon mass are mixed to a homogenous state and put in a glass jar. Close the cover and leave it in the fridge for 3-4 days.

Take 1 tablespoon a day drinking up with tea or warm water. To boost the effect of the mixture, doctors recommend adding a finely cut piece of ginger (about 2 cm). When you treat cold or flu, you can take up to 3 tablespoons of remedy a day. If you suffer from a cough, take it 4 times a day mixing with 1 teaspoon of the remedy with warm water.

Lemon juice and honey for weight loss

Lemon juice and honey for weight loss

Honey and lemon can be used to get rid of extra pounds. Drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning upon dissolving 1 teaspoon of honey and juice of 1/2 of lemon.


Allergy to lemon and honey, high stomach acidity, gastritis and ulcer in the stomach in the acute stage, heartburn, diseases of pancreatic gland and kidneys.