Concentrated lemon juice

Production of сconcentrated lemon juice: lemons are washed and go through direct pressing. Water is totally removed from the juice. When the concentrate is delivered on another factory, it’s diluted with water to restore the juice.

Lemon juice concentrate is usually shipped from Argentina and Israel. Fruit harvested in different countries have a different concentrate taste. The same applies to the year of harvesting and fruit sort.

Reconstituted lemon juice (from concentrate)

what is reconstituted lemon juice

This juice is made of lemon juice concentrate. Before making it, the concentrate is heated up, then cooled down, and, finally, mixed with the necessary amount of water to restore its normal concentration. Taste of product isn’t worse – wise versa, sometimes it can even be richer than in freshly made juices which is connected with peculiarities of production technologies.

There’s one more advantage – reconstituted juice can be stored for a long time, and its properties remain. In this case, a preservative is added. This juice is packed in yellow bottles 100-115 ml each, and every bottle can replace about 4-5 citrus fruits.

Such juice should not be drunk if not diluted – it can irritate the mucous tissues of digestive organs and damage tooth enamel, because it contains organic acids.

Such juice is used as a spice for meat and fish dishes, as well as a sauce and salad dressing. It can be added to juices and cocktails. Such juice can be drunk when one teaspoon is diluted in one glass of water.